BookHabit for iPhone / iPod Touch

HyperJeff, Inc

BookHabit is a truly unique book tracking program. It’s designed not just to keep track of your books and organize them, but to give you insight into your reading habits and show you your reading history. It’s like bio-feedback for your reading life — biblio-feedback. You’ll not only understand your own reading patterns better, but you’ll see instantly if you are keeping up with whatever pace you’ve set for yourself.

BookHabit can track physical and electronic books. The idea is this: Add a book that you’re reading, and when you’re done reading for the day or for the moment, update what page you’ve read to in BookHabit. You can also rate the section you just read or jot down notes by page. From there, the program takes care of tracking your reading habits, which you can view in several different ways. Not a one-book-at-a-time kind of reader? You’ll see on the graphs what books compete for your attention.

BookHabit is designed to ask as little from you as possible in order to give you a clear view of your reading life. BookHabit is a labor of love and we hope it can help elevate your ability to get organized and stay on track.

The main features:

  • Track where you are across all your books
  • Keep track of large libraries of books and books you plan to read
  • Organize your library using custom book lists
  • Add book information by barcode (using the camera), ISBN, or hand input
  • Visualize your reading habits using several charts
  • Rate books based on fine-grade personal ratings
  • Take notes on books by page
  • Keep track of library books, borrowed books or books you loan out
  • Online help and feedback right in the program

Some screenshots:

  • Latest reading
    at a glance
  • Track your progress
  • View books
    by category
  • Take notes
    by page

This is just version 1.0. Many more features are coming for BookHabit, but we wanted to start with a fast, efficient, well-crafted, polished book reading companion.

And, of course, all updates are free!

Available on the iPhone App Store
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