Reggy Bear: Your Regex Buddy!

Reggy Bear provides a modern, elegant environment for exploring and testing regular expressions for macOS.

There are many regex testers out there, but this one is designed to be especially nice for Mac coders. Each regular expression can be saved individually, along with text examples and notes. Save them with your projects, version them as they evolve over time, and pass them around.

It makes using patterns effortless in any language, even ones that require escaping elements for use in strings, as in Swift and Objective-C.

Reggy Bear features:

You can also use Reggy Bear to directly edit text, files, and even use it as a sophisticated file renamer (with undo!). And you can save your favorite hard-won regex for the future.

You can use saved files to effectively give you a unit test set for every regex. You can then improve and expand your formulas without losing any progress you've made.

PRIVACY POLICY: No data is shared or uploaded to third parties. Please notify me if you discover any security issues. We all gotta look out for each other.